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Getting help

Your Manager

is always available and open to your issues and concerns. Don’t hesitate to speak up.

Human Resources

is your best resource for questions about employment or work environment issues and concerns. Your local Human Resources representative is available to help.

Other Resources

The Corporate Policy Manual is available on OurWorld. Review and understand our policies and, if requested, promptly complete the annual Compliance Certification to attest to your adherence to them.

Your Group Ethics Counsel

is a great starting point for questions about legal or ethical issues and concerns.

Label and Graphic Materials

Maggie Li

+852 28204598

Industrial and Healthcare Materials and Corporate

Diego Saul


Retail Branding and Information Solutions

Michael Maier


The Business Conduct GuideLine

is your best resource when you aren’t sure who to ask, or when you want to speak anonymously. The GuideLine is available at all hours.

Go Online


Operator assistance may be required and local charges may apply.

See below for specific phone numbers listed by country and language.

Business Conduct GuideLine Numbers